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Word and Life —  Fall, 2017


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The Fall 2017  Word and Life series will focus on Richard Rohr's latest book, The Divine Dance: The Trinity and Your Transformation (Sept. 7 – Nov. 9, 2017). The registration fee ($95) includes a copy of the book and admission to all Thursday morning sessions. Here is a description of the book selected:

What if changing our perception of God has the potential to change everything? God is not what you think! Visions of an angry, distant, moral scorekeeper or a supernatural Santa Claus handing out cosmic lottery tickets to those who attend the right church or say the right prayer dominate our culture. For many others, God has become irrelevant or simply unbelievable. In The Divine Dance, Fr. Richard Rohr (with Mike Morrell) points readers to an unlikely opening beyond this divinity impasse: the at-times forgotten, ancient mystery of the Trinity-God as utterly one, yet three. Drawing from Scripture, theology, and the deepest insights of mystics, philosophers, and sages throughout history, Fr. Rohr presents a compelling alternative to aloof and fairytale versions of God: One God, belovedly in communion, as All-Vulnerable, All-Embracing, and All-Given to you and me. The Divine Dance makes accessible and practicable the Christian tradition's most surprising gift. God as Community — as Friendship — as Dance. Are you ready to join in?

A good book, good lectures and honest discussions make up the core of the Word and Life experience. Some financial aid is available for those with limited income. Please talk to Mr. Doering or another member of the Steering Committee about reduced tuition.

Kindly remember that Word and Life is a non-profit organization. We could not "pay the rent," let alone our distinguished presenters, without meaningful help from donors who can contribute something extra to keep us afloat. Thank you for your support.

Sep. 7 pp. 19-34 – The Trinity in Iconography and the Visual Arts
Farewell, John Michal
Introduction of Anne Heck
Anne's comments on Trinity
Concluding remarks, Q & A

Anne Heck, M.A., Word & Life Steeering Committee

Slides used in this presentation

Sep. 14 pp. 35-56 – Relationships, paradigm shifts
Admin announcements
Introduction of Cindy Y.
Cindy's Divine Dance
Concluding remarks, Q & A
Rev. Cindy Yoshitomi, St. Anthony Community
Sep. 21 pp. 57-77 – Diversity, cosmic insights
Introduction of Alice MacDonald
Alice's comments on Trinity
Discussion, group dance(!)
Alice MacDonald, M.A., Word & Life Coordinator Emerita
Sep. 28 pp. 78-97 – Emptiness, the "Law of Three, circles
Introduction of Gary Hall
Rev. Hall's remarks on the Trinity
Discussion, Q & A
Rev. Gary Hall, Trinity Episcopal Church
Oct. 5 pp. 98-120 – Feeling the Trinity, Many belong in the One
Introduction of Dawn George
Dr. George's remarks on the Trinity
Discussion, Q & A
Dawn George, Word & Life
Oct. 12 pp. 121-140 – Recovery, atonement, suffering
Introduction of Paul Collins
Rev. Collins' remarks on places of prayer
Discussion, Q & A
Rev. Paul Colllins, All Saints by the Sea
Oct. 19 pp. 140-150 – the Father, the Christ, the Holy Spirit
Introduction of Presenters
Jerry Yoshitomi & friends
Discussion, Q & A
Jerry Yoshitomi, Word & Life, with
Rev's Keith Forster, & John Hydar, & Cynthia Yoshitomi, St. Anthony Community
Oct. 26 pp. 151-164 – Inside-out prayer, Being there,  "transcendence deficit disorder"
Introduction of Dr. Jacobsen
Dr. Jacobsen's reflections
Discussion, Q & A
Rev. Steve Jacobsen, La Casa de Maria
Nov. 2 pp. 164-184 – Trinity, Being and Becoming, the great attractor
Introduction of Fr. Larry
Fr. Larry's reflections
Discussion, Q & A
Fr. Larry Gosselin, St. Barbara Parish
Nov. 9 pp.185-219 – Everything is holy now, Divine energy, etc.
Introduction of Fr. Jim
Fr. Jim's reflections
Discussion, Q & A
Fr. Jim Clarke, L. A. Archdiocese


When arrangements can be made, we provide digital audio recordings of these presentations for the convenience of those who missed them. Click the "play" button in the audio bars, as they become available, to hear a specific presentation. Or download it (using the button to the right of each audio bar) if you want to listen later, offline. Be patient while the MP3 files download, as they can be large (5 to 10 MB each in size). You may listen through your Web-connected computer any time using headphones or speakers.

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