Word and Life's administrative support group, known since April 2008 as its Steering Committee, currently consists of the individuals listed in the table below. Clicking on any name should bring up an e-mail forwarding address for that individual. Alternatively, you might right-click on any name and select "copy email address" from the drop-down menu that appears, and then paste that address into your e-mail system's "To:" field

Clicking the link in the yellow-shaded box will place all the Steering Committee' names in the "To:" field of an e-mail message, enabling you to send a message to the whole group.


Continuing members of the Word & Life Steering Committee, April 2014-,  front row L to R: Anne Heck, Martha Siegel, Elizabeth Ruhgé (retired), Keith Forster; back row L to R:  Thomas Heck, Anna Grotenhuis, Bob Doering, Judith McDermott, and John Michal.