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The fee for the ZOOM ONLINE series is $67
(payable online or by check).

The reading is essential to the course and
books are available for purchase from Chaucers or Amazon.

We hope you’ll have them in hand and
ready to join us on Sept. 10th.
Please reserve your place today.
We will send you a ZOOM login link each week. 

Total amount for 10 sessions: $67.00

or send your check for $67
made out to Word and Life to
Joe Schneider
533 Tallant Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93105

Word and Life is proud of its extensive and varied list of qualified speakers, including religious, clergy, scientists, psychologists, and visionary lay men and women. Our speakers have included (in alphabetical order):
    • Mary Sue Anderson (Word & Life member, meditation teacher)
    • Tensie and Dennis Apel (Catholic Worker House, Guadalupe)
    • David Barnhouse, MD (retired physician and Episcopal priest)
    • Mary Becker (“Just Faith” coordinator, peace activist)
    • Fr. William Bennett, OHC (Mt. Calvary Community)
    • Sr. Susan Blomstad (Sister of St. Francis)
    • Christine Boesch, MDR (Master of Dispute Resolution)
    • Rev. Cynthia Bourgeault, Ph.D.(wisdom teacher, retreat leader)
    • Fr. Gregg Boyle (Homeboy Industries, Los Angeles)
    • Rev. Lynn Bruer (Grace Lutheran Church)
    • Beatrice Bruteau (pre-recorded, with speakerphone questions; deceased)
    • +Harriet Burke (Word & Life member, wisdom teacher)
    • Rev. Tim Burnette (Senior Pastor, First Christian Church; Curator, The Way Collective)
    • +Robert Carman, Ed.D. (Emeritus, SBCC, deceased)
    • Paul Chappell (NAPF Peace Literacy Director)
    • Fr. Jim Clarke (Retreat Leader, Diocese of Los Angeles)
    • Rabbi Steven Cohen (Senior Rabbi, B’nai B’rith Congregation)
    • Rev. Paul Collins (retired Rector, All Saints by the Sea)
    • Katherine Collis (spiritual director)
    • Jim Conlon, Ph. D. (Sophia Institute of Oakland)
    • Rev. Dudley Conneely (St. Anthony Community)
    • Rev. Clement Connolly (Pastor, Holy Family Parish, S. Pasadena)
    • Rev. Cyprian Consiglio (monk, spiritual leader, author, musician)
    • Timothy Conway, Ph.D. (author, teacher of east-west spirituality)
    • Rev. Susan Copeland (United Church of Christ, Healing Touch practitioner)
    • +Fr. Virgil Cordano, OFM (Franciscan Community, Mission Santa Barbara, deceased)
    • Fr. Bruce Correiro (Pastor, St. Raphael’s Church)
    • Fr. Michael Crosby, OFM, Cap. (author, speaker, retreat leader)
    • Rt. Rev. Thomas Curry (Auxiliary Bishop, Archdiocese of Los Angeles)
    • Rev. Ron David, MD (Episcopal priest, Neonatologist)
    • Randall Day, Rector, St. Mark’s Episcopal, Los Olivos
    • Fr. Ludo DeClippel (Holy Cross Church, our host for many years)
    • Melinda Dewey (HeartMath Trainer)
    • +Bob Doering (Word & Life coordinator)
    • Rev. Michael Dowd (evolutionary theologian)
    • John Draper, Hospital Chaplain
    • Prof. Enda Duffy, English Dept., UCSB (expert on Celtic mythology)
    • Anne Dunn, IHM (the Archdiocesan Regional Consultant in Adult Education)
    • Rev. Suzanne Dunn (Pastor, Catholic Church of the Beatitudes)
    • Mary Ann Evans (Neuropsychologist, Equine Therapist)
    • Rev. Aimee Eyer-Delavette (Rector, All Saints-by-the-Sea)
    • Jim Finley, Ph.D., (former Trappist monk, retreat leader)
    • Michael Fish, OSB (Camaldolese monk)
    • Rev. Franklin Fong, OFM (Franciscan priest and scientist)
    • +Rev. Keith Forster (St. Anthony Community)
    • Matthew Fox (futurist, author, and scholar)
    • Fr. Jim Galvin (St. Mary’s Seminary, deceased)
    • Fr. Bill Garcia (church historian, ethicist, pastor)
    • Gregg Garrison, OSF (Secular Franciscan)
    • Dawn George (marriage & family therapist)
    • Fr. Larry Gosselin (Franciscan priest, Saint Barbara’s Parish)
    • Kathryn Grant (Enneagram workshop and retreat leader)
    • Prof. David Griffin (Process theologian, author)
    • Richard Groves (author & spiritual counselor)
    • Rev. Gary Hall (Trinity Episcopal Church)
    • Rev. Julia Hamilton (Lead Minister, The Unitarian Society of S.B.)
    • Anne Goodrich Heck, M.A. (homilist, Catholic Church of the Beatitudes)
    • Thomas F. Heck, Ph.D. (musicologist, Web designer)
    • Tensie Hernandez (Catholic Worker House, Guadalupe, CA)
    • Bro. Jude Hill (Episcopalian Franciscan friar, Jungian analyst)
    • Anne Hillman (retreat leader, author)
    • Rev. Anne Howard (Trinity Episcopal Church)
    • Barbara Marx Hubbard (futurist, Foundation for Conscious Evolution)
    • Rev. John Hydar (St. Anthony Community)
    • Steve Jacobsen (Hospice of Santa Barbara)
    • Rev. Ann Jaqua (Trinity Episcopal Church)
    • Michael Kearney, MD (Palliative Care physician and author)
    • Eugene Kennedy, Ph.D. (The Unhealed Wound: The Church and Human Sexuality)
    • Rev. Steve Kelly, SJ (peace activist and leader)
    • Paul Lakeland, Ph.D. (The Liberation of the Laity)
    • Perie Longo (marriage & family therapist, poet)
    • Alice MacDonald, M.A.(past leader of Word & Life)
    • Dr. Jeanne Martin (mythologist, harpist)
    • David McArthur (author, Your Spiritual Heart . . .)
    • Patricia McClure (spiritual director, All Saints-by-the-Sea)
    • Rev. Adam McCoy (Prior, Mt. Calvary Monastery, S.B.)
    • Sr. Catherine McGrath (Notre Dame School)
    • Fr. Ken McGuire (St. Mark’s University Parish)
    • Jocelyn McIvers, Attorney, Co-author
    • Mary Mohs with Ron Valle (authors, Opening to Dying and Grieving)
    • Fr. Jim McOwen (St. Mary’s Seminary, deceased)
    • Ched Meyers (Bartimaeus Cooperative Ministries)
    • Rev. Elizabeth Molitors (Rector, Trinity Episcopal Church)
    • Clare Montana, Ph.D. (Word & Life member)
    • Rev. David Moore (ecumenical teacher and author)
    • Michael Morwood (author, Tomorrow’s Catholic)
    • Fr. Pat Mullin (St. Mary Retreat Center)
    • Maureen Murray, RSHM
    • John Philip Newell (author, retreat leader)
    • Imam Yama Niazi (Islamic Society of SB)
    • Georgia Noble (local Parker Palmer Trainer)
    • Diarmuid O’Murchu, MSC (author, futurologist)
    • Fr. Kenan Osborne, OFM (Franciscan Community, Mission Santa Barbara)
    • Fr. Roy Persich (St. Mary’s Seminary)
    • Melinda Pitarre, RN, MTP (member, Word & Life)
    • Anita Pivato, RN (member, Word & Life)
    • Betsy Reifsnider (with Catholic Charities of Stockton, CA)
    • Suzanne Retzinger, ​​PhD, MFT (Counselor, Education Specialist with Hospice of S. B.)
    • Christiane Richards (member, Word & Life)
    • David Richo, Ph.D. (author, psychologist, retreat leader)
    • Dennis Rivers (author, editor, web designer)
    • +Msgr. John Rhode (San Roque Parish, deceased)
    • Prof. Wade Clark Roof (Religious Studies Dept., UCSB)
    • Mary Rosenfeld, RN (spiritual director)
    • Marilyn Rudy, CSJ
    • Elisabet Sahtouris, Ph.D. (evolutionary biologist, futurist)
    • Robert Sardello (spiritual psychologist)
    • Rev. Larry Schellink (Unity of Santa Barbara)
    • Fr. Joe Scott (St. Mark’s University Parish)
    • Rev. Gwynne Schultz (First Congregational Church)
    • Samir Selmanovic (author, inter-faith advocate)
    • Rev. Martha Siegel (Trinity Episcopal Church community)
    • Jeffrey S. Siker, Ph.D.(Chair, Dept. of Theological Studies, Loyola Marymount University)
    • Fr. Alberic Smith, OFM (Franciscan Community, Mission Santa Barbara)
    • Rev. Paul Smith (author of Integral Christianity)
    • Daniel Smith-Christopher, Ph.D. (Professor, Loyola Marymount University)
    • Mirabai Starr, Ph.D. (author, adjunct professor of Philosophy and World Religions)
    • Fr. Jack Stoeger (St. John’s Seminary)
    • Rabbi Suzy Stone (Congregation B’nai B’rith)
    • Kathleen Strittmatter (Institute for Adult Spirituality)
    • Rev. Charles Talley (Pastor, St. Barbara’s Parish)
    • Ernie Tamminga (spiritual director with Stillpoint)
    • Rev. Bart Tarman (Pastor, Summer­land Presbyterian Church)
    • Ann Taves, Ph.D. (Professor of Catholic Studies, UCSB)
    • Juliet Spohn Twomey, IHM (La Casa de Maria staff)
    • Judith Valente (author of How to Live. . .), with Judge Charles Reynard, her spouse.
    • Ron Valle with Mary Mohs (authors, Opening to Dying and Grieving)
    • Pravrajika Vrajaprana (Vedanta nun)
    • Wolf & Lisa Wahpepah (native American spiritual leaders, with ancestral roots in Ojai)
    • Garry Van Wyk (member, Word & Life)
    • Fr. Mort Ward (Trinity Episcopal Church)
    • Radhule Weininger (Clinical psychologist, Buddhist practitioner)
    • Catherine Weissenberg, MA (Communication Facilitator)
    • Fr. Cletus Wessels (Jesus in the New Universe Story)
    • Rev. Cindy Yoshitomi (St. Anthony Community)
    • Sam Young (retreat leader, contemplative prayer)
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