2017 — Winter — John Philip Newell on The Rebirthing of God

The winter-spring 2017  Word and Life series on The Rebirthing of God (Jan. 19 – Mar. 23, 2017) is now under way. The registration of $95 includes a copy of the book and admission to the remaining two-hour sessions, which make up the core of the Word and Life experience. Some financial aid is available for those with limited income. Please talk to Mr. Doering or another member of the Steering Committee about reduced tuition.

Kindly remember that Word and Life is a non-profit organization. We could not “pay the rent,” let alone our distinguished presenters, without meaningful help from donors who can contribute something extra to keep us afloat. Thank you for your support.

Jan. 19  Introduction, with video of the author and discussion
Introduction of speaker
Ms. Collis’s presentation
Katherine Collis, Center for Spiritual Renewal, LCDM
Jan. 26 Ch. 1: Reconnecting with the Earth
Introduction of speaker
Mr. Groves’ presentation
Concluding remarks
Richard Groves, author and pastoral counselor
Feb. 2 Ch. 2: Reconnecting with Compassion
Introduction of speaker
Fr. Clarke’s presentation
Concluding remarks
Rev. Jim Clarke, Director of New Evangelization, Archdiocese of Los Angeles.
Feb. 9 Ch. 3: Reconnecting with the Light
Introduction of speaker
Pat McClure’s presentation
Concluding remarks & discussion
Patricia McClure, Word & Life member, psychologist, former Fulbright Scholar
Feb. 16 Ch. 4: Reconnectiing with the Journey
Introduction of speaker
Rev. Copeland’s presentation
Concluding remarks
Rev. Susan Copeland, chaplain and Healing Touch practitioner
Feb. 23 Ch. 5: Reconnecting with Spiritual Practice
Introduction of speaker
Rev. Dunn’s presentation
Concluding reflections
Rev. Suzanne Dunn, Beatitudes Community
March 2 Ch. 6: Reconnecting with Nonviolence
Introduction of speaker
Dennis Apel’s presentation
Concluding reflections
Dennis Apel, Catholic Worker, Beatitude House, Guadalupe
March 9 Ch. 7: Reconnecting with the Unconscious
Introduction of speaker
Dawn George’s presentation
Concluding reflections
Dawn George, counselor and therapist
Mar. 16 Ch. 8: Reconnecting with Love
Introduction of speaker
Rev. Moore’s presentation
Further reflections, Q & A
Rev. David Moore
Mar. 23 Word & Life’s 40th Anniversary Celebration
Alice MacDonald remembers
Joanna Williams
Mary Rosenfeld
Gwynn Schultz
MarySue Anderson
Anne Hawkes
Janet Kates
Helen Dean
Bonnie Orr
Christine Milne
Gail Campanella
Closing Songs with T.Heck
Collective Wisdom, facilitated by Alice MacDonald, who invited recollections from a variety of our older and newer members.


When arrangements can be made, we provide digital audio recordings of these presentations for the convenience of those who missed them. Click the “play” button above to hear a specific presentation.  You may listen through your Web-connected computer any time using headphones or speakers.

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