2018 — Fall — The Spiritual Heart
The Evolutionary Partnership of Heart/Mind Intelligence

This Fall, Word and Life is dedicating its ten-week series to exploring the theology, science, and practice of the “intelligence of the Heart.” The new fields of Physics and Neuroscience reveal that both brain and heart are seats of intelligence. When we learn to stay tuned to the heart’s system of knowing, the brain’s frequencies naturally come into sync with the heart’s, and a new state of consciousness emerges called Heart Coherence. The findings from this arena of cross-disciplinary research have given us an unexpected confirmation of biblical and spiritual assumptions about the heart and soul as the focuses of our core intelligence. A stellar group of speakers will explore these discoveries. Equal attention will be given to the group’s experience and practice of the ideas presented. Our companion text is Heart Intelligence: Connecting with the Intuitive Guidance of the Heart, by Childre, Martin, Rozman, and McCraty.

Sep. 6 

The Biology of Transcendence; the bio-spiritual groundwork for the series; the evolution and anatomy of human intelligence:

Patricia McClure — Intro

Patricia McClure — Part 1

Patricia McClure — Part 2

1 / Patricia McClure, MA,Word & Life Steering Committee member, Series Leader
Sep. 13 

The Heart in Christianity and in various other traditions, as the seat of understanding, truth, and soul. Read Heart Intelligence (Ch. 1)

Eyer-Delavette — Intro

Eyer-Delavette — Part 1

Eyer-Delavette — Part 2

2 / Rev. Aimee Eyer-Delavette, Rector, All Saints-by-the-Sea
Sep. 20, 10-12 am and 1-4 pm 

Attributes of Heart IQ: the Intuitive Heart, Heart Coherence (Ch. 2, 3, 4)

David McArthur — Intro

David McArthur — Part 1

David McArthur — Part 2

3 / David McArthur, author, Your Spiritual Heart: Access the Wisdom that Manifests your Heart’s Desire . . .
Sep. 27 

HeartMath Practicum; biofeedback experiences; focusing

Melinda Dewey — Intro

Melinda Dewey — Part 1

Melinda Dewey — Part 2

4 / Melinda Dewey, HeartMath Trainer
Oct. 4 

The Social and Global Power of Heart Coherence (Ch. 5 & 6)

Georgia Noble — Intro

Georgia Noble — Part 1

Georgia Noble — Part 2

5 / Georgia Noble, local Parker Palmer Trainer
Oct. 11 

Heart Coherence and the gift of Pentecost, wk 6-8. Direct Knowing; Communicating with the Spirit (Read Ch. 7):

Weissenberg and McIvers — Intro

Weissenberg and McIvers — Part 1

Weissenberg and McIvers — Part 2

6 / Catherine Weissenberg, MA, Communication Facilitator.

Jocelyn McIvers, Attorney

Oct. 18 

Holding the Frequency of Love (Refer to Ch. 7):

Alice MacDonald — Intro

Alice MacDonald — Part 1

Alice MacDonald — Part 2

7 / Alice MacDonald, MA, W & L’s Coordinator emerita
Oct. 25 

Healing, Coherence, and Wholeness (Refer to Ch. 7):

All Saints/Trinity — Intro

All Saints/Trinity — Part 1

All Saints/Trinity — Part 2

8 / All Saints/Trinity Spiritual Healing Ministry crew
Nov. 1 

Heart-Based Living (Ch. 8, 9, 10, & 11):

Suzanne Retzinger — Intro

Suzanne Retzinger — Part 1

Suzanne Retzinger — Part 2

9 / Suzanne Retzinger, ​​PhD, MFT, Counselor and Education Specialist with Hospice of S. B.
Nov. 8 

Compassion & Gratitude: a Road Map to Heart Coherence:

Fr. Jim Clarke — Introduction

Fr. Jim Clarke — Part 1

Fr. Jim Clarke — Part 2

10 / Fr. Jim Clarke, Director of Evangelisation, Archdiocese of LA



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