2018 — Winter — Spiritual Ecology: The Cry of the Earth

The Winter/Spring 2018 Word and Life Series 

Spiritual Ecology: The Cry of the Earth
A Collection of Essays. Second Ed.

edited by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee (The Golden Sufi Center, 2018). The registration fee ($95) includes a copy of the book and admission to all ten Thursday morning sessions. Here is a description of the book selected:

“Some of the most inspiring voices on behalf of our living planet speak forth with power and clarity in this hugely important and timely book. Their words help us find our true home and our rightful place within the great turning world of Nature.” —Stephen Harding, PhD, author, Animate Earth, founding member, Schumacher College.

A good book, good lectures and honest discussions make up the core of the Word and Life experience. Some financial aid is available for those with limited income. Please talk to our Coordinator or another member of the Steering Committee about reduced tuition.

Kindly remember that Word and Life is a non-profit organization. We could not “pay the rent,” let alone compensate our distinguished presenters, without meaningful help from donors who can contribute something extra to keep us afloat. Thank you for your support.

DATE (color group for snacks)  PAGES – GENERAL TOPICS PRESENTER
Jan. 18 (red) Recollections & eulogies for Bob Doering. More eulogies, & Winter series preview. ​ Readings: Preface (intro to Spiritual Ecology) Judith McDermott, host and M.C.;    Pat McClure, MA, Word & Life Steering Committee 
Jan. 25 (purple) The Journey Of The Universe … video, by Brian Swimme. Reading: Chapter 2, The World of Wonder Video introduced by Pat McClure; Group discussions to follow.
Feb. 1 (yellow) The world as a holistic reality.  Readings: Ch. 6, 7, & 23. Introduction of speaker Alice MacDonald’s presentation, Pt. 1 Alice MacDonald’s presentation, Pt. 2 Alice MacDonald, M.A., Word & Life Coordinator emerita, with recorded excerpts from Sr. Miriam McGillis and Dr. Elizabeth Sahtouris. Click here for the hour-long version of the Sahtouris’ interview.
Feb. 8 (blue) Insights from the Camino de Santiago Reading: Ch. 20. Introduction of speaker.  Bart Tarman’s presentation, Pt. 1 Bart Tarman’s presentation, Pt. 2 Rev. Bart Tarman, Pastor, Summer­land Presbyterian Church
Feb. 15 (orange) We cannot solve this crisis by using the thinking that created it. Reading: Ch. 13. Introduction of speaker. R. Weininger’s presentation, Pt. 1  R. Weininger’s presentation, Pt. 2  Radhule Weininger, Psychotherapist and Buddhist practitioner
Feb. 22 (brown) The mind that knows earth well: indigenous views. Ch. 1, 4, & 9. Introduction of speakers.  Wolf and Lisa’s presentations are not being made available on  this website at their request.  Wolf & Lisa Wahpepah, native Americans, with ancestral roots in Ojai.
Mar. 1(green) The rediscovery of GAIA and the Soul of the World. Introduction and Ernie’s thoughts on Ch. 17 (the soul of the world) Dennis’ thoughts on Ch. 16 (Gaia) Ernie Tamminga, Ph.D., writer/scholar Dennis Rivers, M. A., Liberation Theology.org
Mar. 8 (black) The sacred presence of animals: reawakening our interconnection with all of creation. Read:  Chapter 15. Introduction of speaker. M. A. Evan’s presentation, Pt. 1  M. A. Evan’s presentation, Pt. 2  Mary Ann Evans, Neuropsychologist, Equine Therapist, with Kimerlee Curyl, photographer. Links to recommended YouTube videos: #1, #2, #3 #4
Mar. 15 (white) Mindfulness: conscious living. Readings: Chapters 3 (mindfulness), 8, and 18. Introduction of speaker. Dr. Kearney’s presentation, Pt. 1  Dr. Kearney’s presentation, Pt. 2    Michael Kearney, MD, Hospice physician and author
Mar. 22 (pink) Thoughts on the living universe. Readings: Chapters 19 and 20 (Creation as the body of God). Introduction of speaker.  Fr. Clarke’s presentation, Pt. 1  Fr. Clarke’s presentation, Pt. 2  Fr. Jim Clarke, Retreat Leader, Archdiocese of Los Angeles


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