Fall 2016

Flyer advertising Fall 2016 Word & Life program: a new book by Stephen Dinan

Sep. 8 Author's  O V E R V I E W Chapters 1,2,3,4,23,30
Introduction of speaker
Mr. Dinan's presentation
Discussion, Q & A
Stephen Dinan, author, futurist
Sep. 15   Ch. 5,6,7,8: Cross-training; etc.
Introduction of speaker
Mr. Rivers's presentation
Further group discussions
Dennis Rivers, peace activist, Editor of LiberationTheology.org.
Click here to see his handout.
Sep. 22 Ch. 15, 24: A Culture of Peace; Sacred Citizenship
Introduction of speaker
Ms. Gaughen's presentation
Remarks by R. Muller, discussions
Barbara Gaughen-Muller, President, UN Association, S.B. Chapter
Sep. 29 Ch. 19, 21, 22 and selected topics
Introduction of speaker
Dr. Brutoco's presentation
Further remarks, Q & A
Rinaldo Brutoco, Futurist and Founder of the World Business Academy
 Oct. 6 Ch. 20: Microfinance in Practice. Fonkoze in Haiti.
Intro of Maureen Earls
Grameen Banks video etc.
Further remarks, Q & A
Maureen Earls & Mary Becker, Microcredit and microfinance advocates. Watch the Video of Mohammed Yunus (Nobel Peace Prize winner, 2006). 
 Oct. 13 Ch. 10: Healing the Legacy of Slavery
Introduction of Rev. Moore
Rev. Moore's presentation
Introduction of Rev. Shepherd
Rev. Shepherd's presentation
Rev. David Moore, Rev. Wallace Shepherd, ministers to African-American faith communities in S.B.
 Oct. 20 Family and Learning: the Core Carriers of Sacred Evolution
Introduction of speaker
Pat McClure's talk
Intriguing Q & A
Patricia McClure, Word & Life member, psychologist, former Fulbright Scholar
 Oct. 27 in Sanctuary Ch. 11, 22: Mysticism & Money
Introduction of speaker
Faye Cox's talk
Q & A and further thoughts
Faye Cox, writer and systems change advocate; Sustainable Living Research Initiative. View her PowerPoint slides here.
 Nov. 3 Chapters 12, 28, and 34
Introduction of speaker
Steve Jacobsen's talk
Continuation; Q & A
Steve Jacobsen, Co-Director, La Casa de Maria
 Nov. 10 Overview of book's message; reconciliation reflections
Introduction of speaker
Fr. Clarke's talk
Continuation; group exercises
Fr. Jim Clarke Director of Evangelization for the Archdiocese of LA


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