Schedule 2007-08

Word and Life

Fall 2007

Imaging Life After Death:
A Love That Moves the Sun and Stars
by Kathleen Fischer (New York: Paulist Press, 2004)

"Although topics like heaven and hell are usually placed in the category of last things, they really belong to our present, ordinary days. What we were taught to anticipate after death is not something tacked on to existence at the last minute, but the fulfillment of what we are now living. Eternal life is already in the making. In a way, then, this book about life after death is a book of contemporary spirituality as well, an invitation to contemplation and the good life—justice, mercy, love and care for all creation. Our hope for what is to come upholds our prayer, awakens us to the marvels of the universe, deepens our compassion for all being, connects us to past and future generations, and supports our struggle against suffering and evil in all their forms."
- Kathleen Fischer

All sessions will be on Thursdays from 10 AM to 12 noon at the Holy Cross Church Parish Hall, 1740 Cliff Drive, Santa Barbara, CA. The series fee, including the book and all handouts, is $50 per person; financial aid is available. When arrangements can be made, we provide audio recordings of some of these presentations for the convenience of those who missed them. Click the blue links below as they become available to review the presentations. Be patient while the MP3 files download, as they are large (up to 18 MB each in size). You may listen through your computer with headphones or speakers.



Sept. 13 Registration and overview;
Preliminary discussion of the future of Word & Life
Alice MacDonald, MA;
Word & Life Advisory Team
Sept. 20 Death: A Living Relationship Anita Pivato, RN
Sept. 27 Chapter One: Invisible Realities
Chapter Two: Soul Talk
Listen to Rev. Copeland's talk - Pt. 1
Listen to Rev. Copeland's talk - Pt. 2
Rev. Susan Copeland
Oct. 4 Chapter Three: Metamorphosis
Chapter Four: Amazing Seeds
Chapter Five: Awareness
Listen to Barbara Marx Hubbard's talk - Pt. 1
Listen to Barbara Marx Hubbard's talk - Pt. 2
Barbara Marx Hubbard
Foundation for Conscious Evolution
Oct. 11
Chapter Six: In the Company of Friends
Chapter Seven: Kinds of Presence
Chapter Eight: One With the Universe
Listen to Harriet Burke's talk - Pt. 1
Listen to Harriet Burke's talk - Pt. 2
Harriet Burke, member,
Word & Life Advisory Team
Oct. 18 Chapter Nine: Remembrance
Chapter Ten: Meeting the Light
Introduction by Alice MacDonald
Listen to Ron Valle and Mary Mohs - Pt. 1
Listen to Ron Valle and Mary Mohs - Pt. 2
Ron Valle and Mary Mohs
Authors, Opening to Dying and Grieving: A Sacred Journey
Oct. 25 Chapter Eleven: Earth Crammed with Heaven
Chapter Twelve: The Mystery in Our Midst
Chapter Thirteen: Second Chances
Listen to Michael Morwood's talk - Pt. 1
Listen to Michael Morwood's talk - Pt. 2
Michael Morwood *
Author, Tomorrow's Catholic
Nov. 1 Chapter Fourteen: Justice and Mercy
Chapter Fifteen: Walking With the Dying
Jeanne Martin, Ph. D.
Nov. 8

Re-imaging Word and Life
Pre-registration for Winter Study
--------CLOSING LUNCHEON--------
Word & Life Advisory Team

*Michael Morwood will be speaking the evening of October 25, 7-8:30 pm, on his new book, From Sand to Solid Ground: Questions of Faith for Modern Catholics, at Lyn and Bob Carman's House (Ask for directions when registering; $10 suggested donation at the door).