Schedule 2010

Word and Life

Winter, 2010

Richard Rohr, Things Hidden:

Scripture as Spirituality

This winter we will ponder and discuss a recent book by noted and inspiring Franciscan teacher and preacher, Fr. Richard Rohr.  He writes in his introduction, "Only when inner and outer authority come together do we have true spiritual wisdom. We have for too long insisted on outer authority alone, without any teaching of prayer, inner journey and maturing consciousness. The results for the world and for religion have been disastrous… I offer these reflections to again unite what should never have been separated: sacred Scripture and Christian spirituality."

All sessions will be on Thursdays from 10 AM to 12 noon at the Holy Cross Church Parish Hall, 1740 Cliff Drive, Santa Barbara, CA. The series fee, $50, includes all handouts and study material. Save $5 and pre-register by contacting BobDoering@wordandlife.us before the first meeting. Financial aid is available to encourage those on restricted budgets to attend; contact a member of the Steering Committee,

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Jan. 14 Introduction, "Connecting the dots" & Ch. 1, "Information is not necessarily transformation"
Introduction & prayer
Listen to Keith Forster's remarks
Listen to group discussion
Keith Forster
Jan. 21 Ch. 2, "Getting the 'who' right"
Introduction & prayer
Listen to Anne Heck's remarks
Listen to group discussion
View Henry Tanner Annunciation
View Sinai Christ icon
Anne Heck
Jan. 28 Ch. 3, "People who have faces"
Introduction & prayer
Listen to Dawn George's remarks
Listen to group discussion
Dawn George
Feb. 4 Ch. 4, "The boxing ring"
Prayer & Introduction
Listen to John Hydar's remarks
Listen to group discussion
John Hydar
Feb. 11 Ch. 5, "Good power and bad power"
Prayer & Introduction
Listen to Christine Boesch's remarks
Listen to group discussion
Surprise! Listen to Alexander Shaia, author of The Hidden Power of the Gospels, describe his recent book. (1/2 hour)

Christine Boesch,


followed by Alexander Shaia, who made an impromptu guest appearance.

Feb. 18 Ch. 6, "The razor's edge: knowing and not knowing"
Prayer & Introduction
Listen to Bill Garcia's remarks
Listen to group discussion
Fr. Bill Garcia
Feb. 25 Ch. 7, "Evil's lie"
Prayer & Introduction
Listen to Jim Clarke's remarks
Listen to group discussion
Fr. Jim Clarke
Mar. 4 Ch. 8, "The resented banquet"
Prayer & Introduction
Listen to Mary Rosenfeld's presentation
Further reflections & group discussion
Mary Rosenfeld
Mar. 11 Ch. 9, "The mystery of the cross"
Prayer & Introduction
Listen to Jude Hill's presentation
Further reflections & group discussion
Bro. Jude Hill
Mar. 18 Ch. 10, "Mutual indwelling", group reflection, as part of our CLOSING LITURGY & LUNCH

Steering Committee and members


When arrangements can be made, we provide digital audio recordings of these presentations for the convenience of those who missed them. Click the blue links above as they become available, to review the presentations. Be patient while the MP3 files download, as they can be large (5 to 10 MB each in size). You may listen through your computer using headphones or speakers, or download the files for later listening on a device like an iPod.

Word and Life

May 6 - 13 - 20, 2010

The "Cosmic Christ"
David Richo, Ph.D.

David Richo, Ph.D., is a psychotherapist who leads popular workshops at
the Esalen Institute and around the country. He is the author of several
books, including How to be an Adult, Catholic Means Universal, Mary
, and his latest book, The Sacred Heart of the World: Restoring
Mystical Devotion to our Spiritual Lives
. He lives in Santa Barbara and
San Francisco, Ca.

May 6
A world-embracing spirituality.
CLICK to hear presentation: PART A or PART B
May 13
Who is Christ?
CLICK to hear presentation: PART A or PART B
May 20
Our new vision of faith.
CLICK to hear presentation: PART A or PART B

WHEN: THREE THURSDAYS, 10 a.m. to noon.
FEE: $10 per session (suggested donation) at the door.