Schedule 2011

Word and Life

Winter-Spring, 2011

Richard Rohr, The Naked Now:

Learning to See as the Mystics See

(Crossroad Pub., 2009)

In this timely, cogent, and enlightening volume, Rohr challenges Christians and other spiritual seekers to give up the either-or dichotomies of dualistic thinking and to turn to another "software" for dealing with the big issues of death, love, infinity, suffering, God, and war. This alternative vision has at various times been described as mysticism, contemplation, prayer, or pure presence.
                                                   -- from a book review by Frederic & Mary Ann Brussat

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All sessions will be on Thursdays from 10 AM to 12 noon at the Holy Cross Church Parish Hall, 1740 Cliff Drive, Santa Barbara, CA. The series fee, $50, includes the book and all handouts. Save $5 and pre-register by contacting BobDoering@wordandlife.us before the first meeting. Financial aid is available to encourage those on restricted budgets to attend; contact a member of the Steering Committee,



Jan. 27 Chapters 1,2,3. Video clips of Fr. Richard Rohr and discussion focused on “Nondualistic Thinking," prepared by Bob Doering Steering Committee
Feb. 3 Ch. 4,5. Video clips of Fr. Richard Rohr and discussion focused on “Unitive Consciousness,” prepared by Bob Doering Steering Committee
Feb. 10 Ch. 6-9. Dawn George will help us understand Nonduality
Prayer & Introduction
Listen to Dawn George's remarks
Further remarks and discussion
Feb. 17 Ch. 10. Fr. Thomas Keating videos on Centering Prayer, followed by Timothy Conway's "three evels of reality"
Listen to Timothy Conway's remarks
Mysticism teachers
Feb. 24 Ch. 11, 12. James Finley, mentored by the great Thomas Merton, gives us real insight and perspective
Listen to James Finley's opening remarks on contemplation
Listen to James Finley further remarks
James Finley discusses Buddhism
Former Trappist monk
Mar.  3 Ch. 13, 14. Sam Young, a retreat leader, talks about the third eye and the Lost Tradition of Contemplation
Introduction & blessing
Listen to Sam Young's remarks & mantra chanting exercise
Further remarks and discussion
Irish spiritual leader
Mar. 10 Ch. 15, 16. Michael Fish, OSB relates his own experiences of contemplation and transformation
Introduction & blessing
Listen to Michael Fish's remarks
Further remarks and discussion
Camaldolese monk

Mar. 17

Ch. 17-19. Pravrajika Vrajaprana speaks on Nondual Awareness for everyone and all traditions
Introduction & blessing
Listen to Vrajaprana's remarks
Further remarks and discussion
Vedanta Temple
Mar. 24 Ch. 20. Feast-day special: Anne & Thomas Heck ponder non-verbal representations of "The Annunciation in Art and Music."
Listen to Anne Heck's remarks - 8MB. View slides while listening by clicking next link. Allow 4-5 minutes to download slides.
View Annunciation slides - 65MB (large)

View handout - song texts
Listen to "Ave Maria" melismatic chant
Listen to "Angelus ad Virginem," medieval English carol
Steering Committee
Mar. 31

Ch. 21, 22. Summary: Video Clips and discussion facilitated by Alice MacDonald; Final Liturgy with Keith Forster & John Hydar

Retired W&L coordinator


When arrangements can be made, we provide digital audio recordings of these presentations for the convenience of those who missed them. Click the blue links above as they become available, to review the presentations. Be patient while the MP3 files download, as they can be large (5 to 10 MB each in size). You may listen through your computer using headphones or speakers, or download the files for later listening on a device like an iPod.

Word and Life

May 5 - 12 - 19 - 26, 2011

How to Be an Adult in Faith and Spirituality
David Richo, Ph.D.

We explore our inherited understanding of God, religion, and life’s plaguing questions. We deeply appreciate the riches of our faith and find new paths in and through it. We learn how to find help from scripture, mysticism, depth psychology, and our new understanding of the cosmos. Our discovery of an adult religion, faith, and spirituality is what Teilhard de Chardin called the “universal blaze” of renewal. This seminar kindles and lights that fire, already and always in all of us.
The recommended book is How To Be An Adult In Faith and Spirituality, by David Richo (Paulist Press, 2011). Discounted copies will be available at the door.

David Richo, Ph.D., is a psychotherapist who leads popular workshops at the Esalen Institute and around the country. He is the author of several books, including How to be an Adult, Catholic Means Universal, Mary Within, and The Sacred Heart of the World: Restoring Mystical Devotion to our Spiritual Lives. He lives in Santa Barbara and San Francisco, Ca.

May 5
A Healthy Self and a Healthy Religion to Match.
Listen to a discussion with Dave Richo
May 12
Our Adult Take on Faith and Spirituality.
Listen to the dialogue with Dave Richo
Further remarks and discussion
May 19
Divine Resources to Handle Life’s Puzzling Twists and Turns.
Listen to the dialogue with Dave Richo
Further remarks and discussion
May 26
God the Hidden Mystery that Loves to be Found.
Listen to the dialogue with Dave Richo
Further remarks and discussion

WHEN: FOUR THURSDAYS, 10 a.m. to noon.
FEE: $5 per session (suggested donation) at the door.