Word and Life Audio Recordings —  Winter-Spring, 2015


by David Richo
(Shambhala, 2014)


Available recordings of the May 2015 series by Dave Richo


May 14, Chapters 3, 4, 5  —  Is it luck or fate? Listen to the first hour
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May 21, Chapters 6, 7, 9  —  How religion figures in. Introduction by J. McDermott
Listen to the first hour
Listen to the second hour
May 28, Chapters 10, 11, 12  — Grace in ourselves and our relationships Listen to the first hour
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Word and Life Audio Recordings —  Winter-Spring, 2015

It's Really All About God

How Islam, Atheism, and Judaism Made Me a Better Christian

Samir Selmanovic (Jossey-Bass, 2009)

selmanovic-book I have been waiting for this book to hit the shelves for a long time. Even though I had heard Selmanovic speak several times and had a good idea of where this book was heading, I was overwhelmingly and pleasantly surprised when I had an opportunity to read the finished product. This book is full of powerful Good News that paints a beautifully narrated picture of what faithfulness might look like if we get out of the God management business. Ever since reading Reza Aslan's great book, No god but God, I wondered when a voice with connections to my own Christian tradition would write a book that  looked to the future of faith with hope. This is that book.

All sessions unless otherwise noted will be on
Thursdays from 10 AM to 12 noon at the
First Presbyterian Church, 21 E. Constance Ave., Santa Barbara, CA.

The series fee, $75 ($65 if pre-registered by Jan. 15, 2015), includes the book and all handouts. To pre-register, send a check for $65 made out to Word and Life to Bob Doering, 3810 Pueblo Ave., Santa Barbara, CA 93110. Your book(s) will be available at the opening session, on Jan. 15, or soon thereafter.  If you already have the book, the tuition alone is $60. Financial aid is available to enable those on restricted budgets to attend; contact a member of the Steering Committee to inquire further.

Jan. 15 Introduction & prologue (pp. xv – 19 + 271)
Introduction by J. McDermott
Rev. Consiglio's reflections & songs
Questions & answers
Fr. Cyprian Consiglio, Prior, New Camaldoli Hermitage
Jan. 22  Chapter 1 – Living with a splinter (pp. 21-43 + 272)

Rev. Samir Selmanovic, the author, in person!
Jan. 29  Chapter 2 – The secret of the ordinary (pp. 45-63 + 273)

Fr. Larry Gosselin, St. Barbara's Parish, with

Arlene Stepputat, author of The Caring Heart

Feb. 5  Chapter 3 – God management systems (pp. 65-93 + 274 Rev. Suzanne Dunn, Beatitudes Community
Feb. 12 Chapter 4 – Why is God not more obvious? (pp. 95-121 + 276) Fr. Jim Clarke, St. John Seminary
Feb. 19  Chapter 5 – Where does your heart go? (pp. 123-149 + 277)

Pat McClure, Word & Life
Feb. 26  Chapter 6 – Your God is too big (pp. 151-169 + 279)

Rabbi Suzy Stone, Congregation B'nai B'rith
March 5  Chapter 7 – The blessing of atheism (pp. 171-199 + 280)

Rev. Steve Jacobsen,
La Casa de Maria
March 12  Chapter 8 – One world at a time (pp. 201-223 + 282) Imam Yama Niazi,
Islamic Society of S. B.
March 19  Chapter 9 & Epilogue – When My God Becomes Our God (pp. 225-270)

Dennis Rivers, Peace activist, Editor of LiberationTheology.org


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