Richard Rohr 2020


Jan. 16
Wk. 1/ red

Ch. 1: Christ Is Not Jesus’ Last Name /Video for Super Soul Sunday:  Oprah’s conversation with Richard Rohr about The Universal Christ

John Draper, Cottage Hospital Chaplain-on-call, presenting Oprah Winfrey interview with Richard Rohr. Michael Dean, host

Jan. 23

Wk. 2 / purple

Ch. 2: Accepting That You Are Fully Accepted 

Introduction of speaker & opening remarks

Concluding remarks; questions & answers

Rev. David Moore, New Covenant Worship Ctr.  Anna Grotenhuis, host

Jan. 30

Wk. 3/ yellow

Ch. 3: Revealed in Us— as Us.    The customary audio introduction of today’s speaker failed to get recorded, but here is a link to his published profile. The remainder of the first part of Rev. Day’s presentation can be heard below. Latter portion of opening remarks:

Concluding remarks and questions & answers:

Rev. Randall Day. , Rector, St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Los Olivos, CA. Pat McClure, host

Feb. 6

Wk. 4/ blue

Ch. 4: Original Goodness.  Introduction of speaker

Reflections & dialogue (part 1)

Reflections & dialogue (part 2)

Rev. Elizabeth Molitors, Rector, Trinity Episcopal Church. Martha Siegel, host

Feb. 13 Wk.5/white

Ch. 5: Love Is the Meaning. Introduction of speaker

Reflections & dialogue about Ch. 5

Reflections on Jesus in the graphic arts: Rembrandt’s etching illustrating Matthew Ch. 19, Christ among the sick. . . and with Pharisees.

Rev. Steve Jacobsen, St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church.  Anna Grotenhuis, host

Feb. 20

Wk. 6/orange

Ch. 6: A Sacred Wholeness.  Announcements; introduction of speaker

Reflections on Ch. 6 (Part 1)

Insights into Wholeness and Wellness (Part 2)

Dr. Michael Kearney, Renowned Palliative Care Consultant. Judith McDermott, host

Feb. 27  Wk.7/brown

Ch.  7: Going Somewhere Good. Announcements; introduction of speaker

Reflections on Ch. 7 (Part 1)

Further reflections & dialogue 

Rev. Jim Clarke, Chair, Spirituality Commission, LA Archdiocese. Anne Heck, host

Mar. 5Wk. 8/green

Ch. 8 & 9:  Doing and Saying;  Things at Their Depth. Announcements; introduction of speaker.

Reflections on Ch. 8 & 9

Further reflections & some hilarious Irish tales.

Msgr. Clement Connolly, retired Pastor, Holy Family Church, S. Pasadena. Judith McDermott, host

Mar. 12

Wk. 9/ black

Ch. 10: The Feminine Incarnation. Introduction of speaker: Brief biography

Reflections on Ch. 10

Q & As. In conclusion, a hilarious joke.

Alice MacDonald, M.A., emerita leader, Word and Life. Anne Heck, host

Mar. 19 

Wk. 10/pink

Ch. 17: Beyond Mere Theology. Introduction of speaker. 

Tim’s thoughts on Ch. 17, and some interactive dialogue.

Rev. Tim Burnette, Curator,  “The Way Collective.” Thomas Heck, host. Recorded via Zoom download, with apologies for occasional gaps and crosstalk.

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